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Shevet Agam


Shevet Agam is a member of ‘Friend of Israel Scouts’, a movement that focuses on the core values of the Israeli Scouts Movement in Israel as well as helping the youth develop and maintain a strong Israeli and Jewish identity.  We are located in Maiteland, FL and serve the greater Orlando area.

Shevet Agam was funded about 3 years ago but started regular activity in 2017. All activities are conducted in Hebrew by our youth leaders (Madrichim) who work with our "chanichim" kids in grades 3rd-8th grade. Throughout the year Shevet Agam conducts meaningful events and activities open to the entire Jewish/Israeli community to consolidate people with Jewish/Israeli identity.

Israel Scouts


The Scout Movement is a non-political, non-sectarian global movement that established and developed a framework based on education and values, to engage youth in a variety of social and enjoyable activities. This movement was founded in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the British army and had expanded over the years to count more than 38 million members in 217 countries and territories.

The Israeli Scouts, called Tzofim, is the largest youth movement in Israel. It is a non-political organization but upholds Zionist and Jewish values. Tzofim activities encourage and focus on personal development, friendship, getting involved in the community, leadership, and excellence.

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