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  • To whom is the activity intended?
    The program is designed for children from Israeli and Jewish families with basic knowledge of Hebrew, who are interested in developing social relationships, exposure to Israeli culture and values. The program aimed to kids between 3rd and 12th grade.
  • When do we meet?
    Our activity is on Sundays from 2:30 until 4:00. The teens – Shachbag (grades 9-12) meet at 12:00-5:00.
  • What does the annual activity include?
    Fun hands on activities in various subjects - holidays, Israeli identity, values ​​(such as friendship / cooperation etc.), scouting, games and fun outdoor explore. In addition, we will mark Memorial Day for Yitzhak Rabin, Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day for IDF Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror. We will celebrate holidays (Purim / Hanukkah/Tu B'Shvat / Lag Ba’ Omer, etc.) We will go on trips and summer camp with the Miami chapter and seminars with the Tzabar leadership of USA.
  • How do I register?
    Registration is done via a registration link to indicate personal details of the apprentice and medical insurance.
  • What is the annual cost and what does it include? How is the payment made?
    The annual cost for the 3rd - 8th graders is $ 450 per year Shachbag 9th-12 grade 425$. There is a ($20) discount for the second & third child. The Annual cost includes all the annual activities except camps and seminars. The most convenient way is to pay is through PayPal If a parent prefers to pay by credit or cash or to divide the payment to a few payments, please contact Ziva our Treasurer at 407-7605436 or email to If scholarship is needed, please contact Ziva to get & fill up the paperwork for the leadership to approve it.
  • Is it possible to get a trial session?
    Yes, new students are welcome to register and take two trail meets before they are required to pay the membership fees.
  • How do you keep in touch and forward messages?
    First we will be happy to be friends with you on Facebook & Instagram, so you get the information you need and enjoy the fabulous pictures. In addition, we have what’s up where we inform you with the latest and most important information. Plus, we have our Monthly email, which includes all the information and updates.
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