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dress code

The Tzofim dress code is pretty simple! We promise to make it easy.

Clothing: Chaki pants and chaki shirt. The pants you can purchase on your own, the shirt you can purchase through us. More information is given below.

Aniva: In the Tzofim we wear what we call an "aniva", in English you might call it a  neckerchief. You can read all about it and of where to purchase it down below. 

Shoes: For all Tzofim activities we expect the kids to show up with close-toed shoes. Tzofim activities are often outside and are active and so, close-toed shoes provide protection for your child's safety and comfort.

Why wear chaki?

So, why do we wear chaki? Well, there are many reasons, and we are more than happy you asked!

Unity - The Chaki attire is the same across the world for the scouts' movement. It connects us to our roots, and it keeps for a united movement even across continents. 

Equality - In the Tzofim, all our chanichim are equals. That means that we all come and have a place regardless of our background. The Chaki uniform allows for a show of equality.

Durability - In Tzofim we do a lot of hands-on work. The Chaki attire is specifically designed for wor, to get dirty, and "keep the memories" so to speak. Many decorate it purposefully, brining/drawing objects related to their Tzofim experience on this dedicated piece of clothing.

anivot? what for?

Our anivot in the Tzofim provide symbolism, connection, and project your standing in the shevet.


Symbolism - The story of the anivot is an old story, telling of the movement's values. We tie the knot in the aniva to capture our knot of friendship and emphasize that the "Tzofe" (the scout) is a friend to all and will provide a helping hand to anyone in need. 

Connection - Much like our chaki clothing, the use of the anivot is the same throughout the movement. When we wear our anivot we feel connected to each other, as well as connected to the entire movement. 

Standing in Shevet - Every grade in the shevet, and every role, has its own type of aniva. The aniva type of a 3rd grader will differ from that of a "madrich" (counselor), or even a 4th grader. This use of colors allows us to take ownership of our placement in the shevet, and feel pride in it.

How to buy chaki / aniva?

To buy a fitting chaki shirt or an aniva you can contact our treasurer Ziva Kurlansik.


Contact information:

Phone number: +1-407-760-5436


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