tiyool choref


This is a one day trip for all chanichim in various grades. 

Together we travel a track through which the chanichm prove their knowledge in tzofiut and the meaning of the aniva.

We learn and most of all have fun together!

At the ened of the track we also preform a special ceremony, where we give to each chanich his new aniva for the year.

Download and sign a waiver

Waivers are required for all trips!

Please sign one and send it to Elya Ben Noon, our head of educational programming or to Ronny Shisgal, head of logistics.


Elya Ben Noon:

Tel: +1-425-414-4044

Email: agam@israelscouts.org

Ronny Shisgal:

Tel: +1-321-377-0123

Email: agam@israelscouts.org